Affordable pocket squares in Australia

When buying a new suit for work, one requires a level of concentration to ensure you incur an expense you can justify. A few new accessories can do a lot to revive what you are already working with for this reason. GQ creative- director-at-large Jim Moore recommends pulling out the colours in your shirt or tie when choosing a pocket square, and not folding the add-on too perfectly in your pocket. To see Moore’s mix-and-action, check out some of the latest and affordably priced pocket squares below to enhancing your suit.

White pocket square

White pocket square features a refined finish. It is perfect for normal events, important business meetings or weddings. This brand can be purchased from OTAA’s collection. One can choose from:

White cotton square priced at $15 or white cotton pocket square priced at $ 20 or white linen pocket square priced at $20.
OTAA’s elder brother, Mr. Haroon recommends the brand’s impeccable tailoring of their white pocket square to “a combination of cut, cloth and attention to detail”. From it subtly smooth and dapper feel to the elegantly slim fit, the OTAA white handkerchief excels on all three counts. Hand crafted, this style is finished with smooth blend and internal stitching for complete robustness. Wear it against a pale blue shirt to play up a rich hue.

Navy blue with white polka dots pocket square

It is a unique signature navy blue with white polka Dots pocket square. The white polka dot embroidered handkerchief is cut in a classic blue shade, and this handsome version is detailed with the label’s stitch throughout for a fresh finish. It is featured in GQ and brothers at the OTAA design collection shop.

The fabric is designed with white polka dots spread upon a canvas of navy blue that complement each other, resulting in a distinguished and contemporary look. It’s priced at $15 AUD.

Wear it with a collar popped over a shirt and chinos to give your look contemporary attitude.

Black with small white polka dot pocket square

It is a handmade craftsmanship priced at $10. Black with small white polka dot pocket square will go beautifully for an elegant look. Add this patterned piece to a suit jacket and pair it up with an open-neck shirt as an alternative to the usual look at your next high-profile event.

Pocket squares Australia

Are you looking for cheap pocket squares in Australia? If yes, you can get your favourite pocket squares from the following shops in Australia:

The Tie Rack

At the tie rack Australia, you can get your favourite cheap pocket squares to make your look contemporary. There are a variety to choose from; ranging from solid pocket square, paisley pocket squares, to polka dot pocket squares and misc. pocket squares.


We offer pocket squares at an affordable price. Their collection ranges from; Albion silk pocket square, black silk pocket square to chambray pocket squares.

Van Heusen

Their pocket square collection includes the following: van heusen blue paisley, indigo flowers, roses pocket squares among many. All designed to enhance your suit look.


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